Dun Aluinn, former boys hostel, Alma Avenue, Aberfeldy

Dun Aluinn is a project that was commenced to provide a unique boutique hotel and conference centre for a multi-national psychometric training company, from a former student hostel that was initially built as a house. The fully complete project will provide 12 en-suite bedrooms, 4 of which were in a cruciform extension. In addition a conference room for 30 delegates, separate dining spaces and commercial kitchen are to be provided within the existing building and services have been upgraded for future expansion.

This is a grade B protected building requiring close work with the conservation officers regarding the necessary extensions, but also retention and opening up of historic views from the long views across the valley. The bedrooms were provided in the most part within the existing shell, with a fire engineering solution to retain the central accommodation stair, without compromising the bedrooms. The large fine rooms retained for lounge, salon, conference and communal dining. Various options have developed over time including off site construction of the cruciform.


Dun Aluinn Gallery

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