Alt Garbh

Alt Garbh was originally Plot 4 at West Park Farm development and was the second house designed for the plot, subsequently adjusted and made specific for our client. It was built on the site of a former steading building, part of the steadings for West Park Farm, that were no longer useable due to modern day Agricultural practices. It is located adjacent to the Grantully Castle Designed Landscape Area and as such was strongly influenced in its design, by the previous steading aesthetic, with a narrow footprint and steeply sloped roofs.

The house is rectilinear in form, with kitchen and family room, having large patio windows to the East that open up to the garden. At the opposite end of the house is the living room, with an en-suite bathroom and master bedroom adjacent. The first floor provides a further two bedrooms with hobby rooms in the spaces above the garage and kitchen at either end. The design used recycled stone from an adjacent building for its front/public elevations. The slate roof was designed deliberately to provide a large overhanging eaves for log storage.

The house uses wood pellet for its boiler which is supplemented by solar thermal panels on the roof.

It is a timber framed house, with the recycled stonework to the front elevation and harling to the rear. The garage is built from vertical scotlarch boarding. This was the second house built in the West Park development which forms an enclave of houses located with stunning views towards Farragon Hill, half way between Aberfeldy and Grandtully.

The house was built for our clients to retire and create and extensive garden with burn running along its boundary to the Castle.


West Park, Aberfeldy, Perthshire