Victorian Villa Extension

Dallavon is a Large detached Victorian Property in central Aberfeldy surrounded by other residential properties. It was one of the first large properties constructed in the centre of the town with local whinstone and sandstone corbels and is within the conservation area.

The extension is a glass sun room abutting the jerkin head gable and separated from the existing wall by a glass infill panel to allow it to be read as a separate element to the house. This is located to the South West of the house, within the enclosed rear garden. It was designed in conjunction with extensive internal works that removed the separating walls between the kitchen and scullery, thus opening up the kitchen to the rear of the house, and to create a new dining room with new windows overlooking the enclosed garden. The sun room is an open space off this, with flexible doors, that can close the two spaces off from each other.

A large glass lantern rooflight and the glazed corners that have sliding doors are able to open out to the garden, create an internal/external space both part of the garden and the house. The sun room benefits also from a wood burning stove and slate floor that links all the three new spaces together.

The clients were involved with the kitchen design especially and ensuring that the resulting house met their needs.